Nyege Nyege Music Festival Art  

This event happened in the past and has no current dates.
Nyege Nyege Music Festival

Day 1 :Thu 5th Sep (From: 12:00pm To: 12:00am)

Day 2 :Fri 6th Sep (From: 12:00pm To: 12:00am)

Day 3 :Sat 7th Sep (From: 12:00pm To: 12:00am)

Day 4 :Sun 8th Sep (From: 12:00pm To: 12:00am)

Location: Nile Discovery Njeru

Advance Tickets: Ksh 120000


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Back in 2015, a bunch of renegade artists and adventurous party people decided to take their show to the Source of the Nile and call it "NYEGE NYEGE FESTIVAL", a surprising name to Kiswahili speakers, who eventually found out that in Luganda, the word carries a very different meaning:

"The irresistible urge to DANCE".

The festival came out of our common efforts to put new East African sounds on the map: Benga, Acholitronix, Singeli, Kadodi, EA Wave, Shrap, Kinyatrap, Kenyan metal and many more would share the spotlight year after year along traditional musicians and contemporary sounds form all over the Continent (Kuduro, Chaabi, Balani, Gqom, Afrohouse, Coupé-décalé, Soukous and so many more). Tooo much great music, yet not enough opportunities to see them all live, let alone over 4 days. So the festival, our community studio in Kampala and two record labels (Hakuna Kulala & Nyege Tapes) were set up to change that, and give underground artists a chance to blow up.

Today we have over 20 Ugandan, Tanzanian and Kenyan artists touring worldwide: representing East Africa across the world. NYEGE NYEGE promises to continue to work towards a festival that is a catalyst for the abundance of talent around us, and continue to bring the spotlight to the East African Creative Spirit.

This year, the festival happens again on September 5-8

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