Unveiling Shifah Musisi Art  

This event happened in the past and has no current dates.
Unveiling Shifah Musisi

Starts: Fri 1st Nov, 7:31pm

Ends: Fri 1st Nov, 12:00am

Location: Golf Course Hotel

Silver: Ksh 50,000

Gold: Ksh 100,000

Table: Ksh 2,000,000


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The "Unveiling Shifah Musisi" Concert is quickly gathering pace and as we write this, more details have been revealed. Shifah Musisi announced in March this year that she would be holding her maiden concert on November 1st at Golf Course Hotel. This was at her birthday party that had musicians Maurice Kirya, Geosteady, Naira Ali, Sandra Suubi, Sandra Nankoma, Awili Sandra, Jackie Akello, Afrie, Apio Moro, among others in attendance. Her announcement of the concert was met with cheers or approval from all in attendance who agreed it was about time and pledged their full support. 

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