Chronixx lives up to the hype

Chronixx lives up to the hype

Skanking, chanting, oh hail a reggae celebration

Festival is one word Ugandan event organisers have in the past learnt to throw around, literally. From music, wining, meat roasting to eating eggs rolled in wheat, there is a festival for almost everything Ugandans can think of.

Yet, the MTN Pulse Fest that put on the Chronixx concert over the weekend somehow managed to pretend being a real festival, a reggae music one to be precise.

With a number of activations that included an artificial beach, restaurant area and of course the main stage. The rastafarians too added more color to the event, they came along with all sizes of flags, clothing and bandanas and surprisingly, none of them was Ugandan.

They were Jamaican, where Jar McNaugton alias Chronixx comes.

The first time Chronixx was in Uganda back in 2016, he did not only get the audience eat out of his palms, but put on one of the most memorable showcases a reggae act has put on in Uganda,

On Saturday, he was following a slew of local artistes that brought their own version of dancehall music whether impressive or just ordinary. In fact, for all the Ugandan showcases of the night, it was just Cindy and Maddox that may have stood out thanks to their powerful performances.

Then it was Chronixx, he got on stage, he stepped on stage at 10:25pm, a few minutes later than he was meant to get on, it was probably because the sound had been dodgy throught the night.

When he got on stage, with chants from the audience, he once again had the audience excited, this time, they seemed happier than in 2016, not because he had been awaited, but because on Saturday, they understood him more than before.

And then he got into Here Comes the Trouble, one of the most known songs of him, the excitement on many people’s faces could tell it all, somewhere seeing him for the second time, while others were even reggae first timers.

His band is always his biggest weapon, with more than a lead guitar, a bass, they are as amazing to listen to just like they are a muse to watch and of course, his chemistry with them is unmatched.

On songs like Smile Jamaica, many Ugandans wished Irene Ntale was only in the country to do her Ugandan version of the song with the Jamaican, but they did not have to wish for long as he concluded the song into Smile Uganda.

The biggest surprise for reggae enthusiasts though must have been Chronnix’s choice of closing song, Legend, an emotional song that stays true to what the genre stands for, informing, educating and uplifting, it is a brilliant song that is not as famous as Skanking Sweets or Rastaman Wheel that it featuring was surprising and emotional at  the same time.




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