Fik Fameica for World Music Day celebrations

Fik Fameica for World Music Day celebrations

It is easy to argue that after a brilliant 2018, rapper Walukagga Shafik alias Fik Fameica, has completely lost a fast moving 2019.

For instance, it is been a while since he headlined anything we can talk about and not even his releases as per this year have saved the situation.

As you read this though, Fik Fameica has been announced as one of the artistes that will headline the worldwide celebration of music activations that will take place this weekend.

Originally known as Fete de la Musique or World Music Day, it is a global music celebration that sees people take to the streets to put on performances and uncurated acoustic concerts. Many times of course, these small shows culminate into big shows at night.

In Uganda, Fete De La Musique is organized by Alliance Francaise and will be taking place at the National Theatre on Saturday. Of course, with the rest of the world celebrating the day on June 21, the Ugandan version will be happening exactly a day later.

Fik Fameica will be headlining the Ugandan version that will be of free access for the public.

Famed for songs such as Kutama, Tubikole, Mafia, Property, Tonsukuma and Tobilobelamu, he will be joined by both local artistes Sewa Sewa, the creator of the Janzi music instrument and a big part of the Janzi Band.

Others on stage will be rapper MC Yallah, Suzan Kerunen and Afro-futuristic artistes Gato Preto.

Gato Preto is one of the most vibrant and extravagant, Afro-futuristic artists of the recent years.
Fusing music and culture from Mozambique to Germany, Ghana to Senegal, they will have you re-thinking everything you think you know about African music. With stunning high energetic live performances, their stage outfits, the dancers and visuals, their concert is promising to be an impressive live show you won’t forget so quickly.

The show starts at 6pm and will go on till midnight.




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