Mugabi promises a truly Ugandan album

Mugabi promises a truly Ugandan album

Kenneth Mugabi is one of the promising acts the local music scene has seen in the past few years.

From the time he appeared on the Qwela Junction stage performing Naki and Kibunomu with Steve Keys, Richie Kaweesa, K!mera and Benon Mugumbya, he successfully strummed his way into music lovers’ hearts.

And the star has been growing since, scooping a collaboration with his mentor Joe Kahiri to Maureen Nantume and Iryn Namubiru.

Mugabi, next week will be releasing his follow up album to the fairly reviewed 2016 debut album Kibunomu.

Speaking to the press, Mugabi noted that with his debut album, he was cagey about collaborating since he wanted to engineer his own path in the industry; “when you collaborate, at times you may fail to pick up the momentum the other artiste gives you,” he says.

On this album though, he opens up to collaborations with artists and instrumentalists, he also says that the open mindedness came from a fact that he wanted an album as accessible to a consumer.

“With my first album, the people called those of downtown loved the music but could not access the artiste, this one though, am reaching out to them not just physically but even through collaborations,” he says.

Mugabi with the help from booking application Fezah and Johnnie Walker will host a listening party for the album aptly titled Ugandan.

“The title for this album was intended to keep things grounded, to show everyone that good music is not only meant for people with a fairer skin but also Ugandans,” he notes.

The thirteen track album features songs such as Nkwegomba which was released mid 2018 as well as other songs like Olugendo that features support vocals from songstress Iryn Namubiru.

The Ugandan listening party like the press conference will take place at the  

Design Hub in the Industrial Area on Saturday 29.




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