Ugandan wins Nollywood internship

Ugandan wins Nollywood internship

Film is one of the many art forms finding their ground on the African continent. With improved technology, it has become easy for the latest camera or light gear to get to an East African country.

Yet, even with all these, its only the Nigerian industry that seems to be matching towards global glory. Commonly known to consumers as Nollywood, the Nigerian film establishment has since become a benchmark for African filmmaking in terms of commercial success, relevance to an audience and creating employment.

It was upon such background that you could understand the excitement Ugandan film graduate Cissy Nalumansi showed had when she was announced a recipient of a script writing four week internship at Africa Magic Studios in Nigeria.

“Nigerians have consistently shown us that they know how to craft stories Nigeria and the rest of the world can appreciate, it will be amazing learning from them,” she said adding that besides writing, she would like to see how they engage the market.

Nalumansi was one of the four Ugandan graduates at the just concluded 12 month boot camp dubbed Multichoice Talent Factory. This saw 60 African young film enthusiasts go through training in Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia.

The East African class was in Kenya with Ugandans Aaron Tamale, Casey Luganda, Hilda Awori and Nalumansi.

On Thursday, the East African class graduated at the Nairobi Film Centre after 12 months of making films, TV shows and working on famous regional shows like Selina, Coke Studio, Pambio Live and various Supersport shows.

Besides Nalumansi other winners were Jane Moshi from Tanzania got an internship from Bollywood studio while Hillary Lanogwa got a scholarship to study film at the New York Film Academy. Other students left with a laptop and a camera gear. 




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