Vintage car show preparations in high gear

Vintage car show preparations in high gear

Since its inception eight years ago, the Vintage car show has revolutionalised the way people think about their old machines.

Then, it was all about presenting a car as old as 25 years and later having them judged. Of course, the first editions were not as clear, the criteria was mixed up that some people did not understand it.

However as time went on, the organizers have since clarified on many things and the judging process is clearer than ever, for instance, it is known that a car on exhibition must be in a working condition.

This month, the annual CBA Uganda Vintage Auto and Classic Auto show will be coming back for their eighth edition. Like last year, they have brought back the category of collectable vintage items.

This is a category that sees participants bring items from the old timeline like flat irons, TVs, radios, projectors, mobile phones and all sorts of blasts from the past.

And of course, unlike last year where these items were only showcased, this year, there will be prizes given to best exhibitors of collectables.

This edition will be held at the Sheraton Gardens on Saturday 27; according to the organisers, the edition will be a celebration of vintage cars as well as the love of cars generally.

The show will be crowned by the Uganda’s biggest old time band, Afrigo Band.

Tickets for vintage show will go for shs25,000 and shs10,000 for children.




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